PhD-position available on 'Historical analysis of the development of fishing collectivities as ICAs (Europe)'

Posted on: 2/3/2021

We are looking for a new team member to fill a PhD-position on ‘Institutions for Collective Action’, with a special focus on the long-term development of fishing collectivities. You will contribute to the UNICA-project, which aims to build a unified theory that explains the factors behind the development and spread of institutions for collective action (ICAs) across Europe over the past millennium. In this PhD-position, you will conduct a MICRO-analysis of internal functioning of fishing collectivities in the European past. With this study we aim at delivering a specific outcome that will add to the explanation of what makes ICAs resilient as well as connecting the specific industry with highly relevant contemporary societal debates such as sustainability and globalization. You will be focusing on fishing collectivities as the main type of ICA but will also work with other team members working on other types of ICAs (various types of cooperatives, mutuals, commons, …) both in past and present.


If you want to know more, go to the ERIM-website. For more information on the UNICA-project, please go to this webpage.


Interested in the position? Do note that the application deadline is April 20th, 2021. PhD-students will start in September 2021. Apply now througth the ERIM-website.



Webinar on Commons and the power of food communities in the food transition

 Posted on: 1/3/2021


On the 25th of March (15.00-16.30), Stadslandbow Nederland will host a webinar on commons and the power of food communities. Several speakers will talk about this topic like Tine de Moor who will speak about commons in the food transition. See the full programme over here. More details on the programme, as well as a link to the event, will follow soon! Please note: this webinar will be in Dutch only! 


Roundtable session with Fairbnb by Young Scholars Network, March 8 2021

 Posted on: 12/2/2021


On 8 March the Young Scholars Network on Platformcoops organises their first roundtable session with the leaders of Fairbnb. As a cooperative alternative to Airbnb, they aim to facilitate community-powered and sustainable tourism. The goal of this session is to share knowledge between researchers and practitioners. 

YSN is hosted by Damion Bunders, please contact him if you are interested in becoming part of the network and/or join this particular session: bunders@rsm.nl.


Paper on 'Institutions for collective action as go-between for citizens and government during and after times of crisis'

 Posted on: 4/2/2021


In this corona-paper Tine de Moor and Ton Duffhues explore the opportunities of institutions for collective action counter the pandemic in the short term as well as how they can shape the post-corona society.


Want to read more? Please go to: https://coronapapers.nl/nieuws-1/nieuws/burgercollectieven-als-go-between-tussen-burger-en-overheid-in-en-na-crisistijden [due to scope, only available in Dutch]



Webinar on "Long term dynamics of institutions for collective action: using ABM as a complementary tool to support theory development in historical studies", January 27th 

 Posted on: 21/1/2021


Learn more about online governance, theory development and ABM during this webinar next week! During the webinar, which is part of the Metagovernance Seminar, Tine De Moor and Amineh Ghorbani will speak on the "Long term dynamics of institutions for collective action: using ABM as a complementary tool to support theory development in historical studies". The webinar will take place at 6 p.m (CEST-time) on the 27th of January.


To subscribe for this webinar and to find more information on other webinars in the series, please go to https://metagov.org/seminar/. Please note that the time displayed on this website is in Eastern Time, the CEST-time for the webinar on January 27th is 6 p.m.


Recording of webinar with interesting insights into Institutional Theory and Analysis now available! 

 Posted on: 21/1/2021


This interactive webinar gives interesting insight into the current state of institutional analysis and the institutional grammar, building on Elinor Ostrom's work. Next to this, scholars from the US and Europe, including Tine de Moor, Dr. Saba Siddiki and many more, discuss what they are currently working on. Please find more information on the webinar here.


You can watch the recording of the webinar through this link!


Kick-off lecture on platform cooperatives by Young Scholars Network, January 13th 2021

 Posted on: 14/1/2021


On January 13th the Young Scholars Network on Platformcoops had their first keynote by none other than Trebor Scholz. Since he coined the concept of platform cooperativism in 2014 it has become a subject of study for many researchers. Trebor updated us about the progress around platformcoops made by academics and practitioners alike. Then, we had an interesting discussion on the meaning of ‘scaling’ for platformcoops and whether/how it should be something to strive for by them.


YSN is an initiative by Damion Bunders, please contact him if you are interested in becoming part of the network.


Great turnout of 65 people at the EURwebinar on social enterprises, January 13th 2021

 Posted on: 14/1/2021


As a co-organisation of Flor AvelinoPhilip Marcel KarréKaren MaasVaishali Joshi and Tine De Moor, the EURwebinar on social enterprises was a great success with a turnout of 65 people from all over the world. We would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, questions and comments and are looking forward to what is next!


For more information on the topic of the webinar, please click here

Do you want to know what the ICA-team has been up to in 2020? Find our most recent newsletter here!

 Posted on: 21/12/2020


2020 was a year in which everyone had to adapt to new circumstances and situations. As a research team we went through another profound change, with Rotterdam as our new "home-base". With new colleagues, a new project that started, and a very large one is to start early 2021. Although working on a distance from each other, it was an eventful and exciting year for our research team, which involved collaboration with many citizens active in citizen collectivities as well. We are looking forward to continuing our research for positive impact next year! Find our most recent newsletter here!


Article 'Burgercollectieven op zoek naar veerkracht' about the ICA-research on the challenges citizen collectives face

 Posted on: 18/12/2020


How resilient are citizen collectives? In the article 'Burgercollectieven op zoek naar veerkracht’ (translation: ‘Citizen collectives in search of resilience'), Sociale Vraagstukken pays special attention to the recent ICA-research into challenges experienced by citizen collectives themselves.


In times of COVID-19, interest in citizen collectives has grown as they appeal to a social trend in which people take action themselves to meet special needs, for example in the areas of care, energy, food and community building. This article is about the main challenges faced by citizen collectives in order to develop resiliently. They are related to member dynamics, internal functioning and cooperation with governments.


The Sociale Vraagstukken article can be read and downloaded via https://bit.ly/3aj54eJ. Interested in reading the extensive research report? Please go to: https://bit.ly/3oXUVIg. Both the article and report are only available in Dutch.


The research was made possible in part by the support of RVO, Stichting Doen and NWO.


39th edition of the RSM Discovery Magazine is now live!

 Posted on: 16/12/2020


The theme of the 39th edition is The world after COVID-19: how we can do business better. In the article called 'The rise of social enterprises in a post-COVID-19 world', Tine De Moor talks about the growing role social enterprises could play in the post-pandamic era.


You can read the RSM Discovery Magazine here. 

Interactive webinar on Social Enterprise: Interdisciplinary Views across the University, with Prof. Tine de Moor

   Posted on: 11/12/2020

Do you research social enterprise or related subjects and are you interested in meeting other researchers in that field? Then join this interactive webinar on Wednesday the 13th of January. Together we will explore ways for further cooperation with the ultimate goal to develop a richer understanding of social enterprise, its opportunities and risks.


Interested in participating in the webinar? You can register and  find more information about the event through this link.


Young Scholars Network, the knowledge exchange network for PhD-students researching platform cooperatives, initiated by ICA PhD-candidate Damion Bunders

Posted on: 10/12/2020

The Young Scholars Network (YSN) stimulates knowledge exchange between PhD candidates who do research on platform cooperatives. Similar to the subject of research of Institutions for Collective Action, YSN is also highly diverse – including PhD candidates from all over the world in disciplines like sociology, philosophy, economics, law, political science, business administration and management. YSN organises a series of online meetings that include 1) workshops in which PhD-students present their own work, 2) keynote presentations by senior scholars, and 3) round table sessions with practitioners. If you know PhD-candidates that should be included, want to present yourself, or have a suggestion for a speaker, please send an e-mail to: bunders@rsm.nl.