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29 June 2020, Webinar on 'Historical perspective on pandemics and the commons' (online)

Tine De Moor will be one of the panel participants at the webinar on 'Historical perspective on pandemics and the commons', which will take place on June 29. This webinar forms part of the Webinar Panel Series 'Reflections on resilience and the commons revealed by COVID-19', hosted by the IASC, the Center for Behavior, Institutions, and the Environment at Arizona State University, and the Resilience Alliance. The webinar will be broadcasted via Zoom.

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10-12 September 2020, Colloquium Guide 2020: Cooperation(s) (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Tine De Moor will be one of the keynote lecturers at the 18th international conference of the Charles Gide Association, that will be held at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), 10-12 September 2020, under the auspices of the Centre Walras Pareto d’études interdisciplinaires de la pensée économique et politique (CWP). The theme of the conference will be on ‘Co-operation’. The topic of co-operation raises many questions, especially, for example, in relation to reciprocity and exchange, oscillates between distinct poles. Situated between the spheres of individual actions and transactions and state intervention, it co-ordinates and orientates actors in the political and social spheres. A number of economic theories today have developed out of the concept of co-operation. It is therefore worth studying co-operation’s theoretical foundations, its changing, and many meanings, the debates it has generated in the field of economic, social, political, and philosophical thought, and its numerous historical forms.

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15-17 September 2020, Energy Cities' Annual Conference (Heerlen, The Netherlands) [postponed from April 2020]

Every year, Energy Cities organises its major conference in one of its member cities to discuss latest developments in local energy policies. Each Annual Conference is a milestone for getting updates on city initiatives, sharing next practices and coordinating policy work towards EU institutions. It is the meeting point for decision-makers and practitioners from public organisations, business, research and civil society.

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19 November 2020, 2020 Conference Landelijk Platform Buurt- en wijkgericht werken (LPB) (Nijmegen, The Netherlands).

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Tine De Moor zal een van de genodigde discussieleiders zijn tijdens de tweede dag van het 3e jaarlijkse congres van het Landelijk Platform Buurt- en wijkgericht werken (LPB), dat van 18 tot en met 20 november 2020 georganiseerd wordt door en in de Gemeente Nijmegen. Het congres is bedoeld voor professionals die binnen Nederland zctief zijn op het gebied van integraal buurt- en wijkgericht werken.

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