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21 May 2019, FOCI Hub Pop-up Event 'Gilets Jaunes' (Utrecht, Netherlands)

On 21 May (new date!!), the Future of Citizen-based Initiatives (FOCI) Hub organizes a Pop Up Event concerning the Gilets Jaunes movement.  The Gilets Jaunes have raised conversation in politics, media, and society. Citizens collaborate in order to showcase their displeasure. How can we understand this forms of citizen participation and protest? Three scholars from Utrecht University (Annelien De Dijn, Stephan Grimmelijkhuijsen, and Kris De Jaegher) will approach the phenomenon from their respective disciplines, after which they will debate each other and the audience. Our research team is involved in orgaizing this event. Participation is free of charge, prior registration however required because of limited space. Please note that the main part of this meeting will be in Dutch.

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24 May, Book publication 'The Commons in A Glocal World'

 On 24 May 2019, Routledge will publish the book The Commons in A Glocal World: Global Connections and Local Responses, edited by Tobias Haller, Thomas Breu, Tine De Moor, Christian Rohr, and Heinzpeter Znoj. This publication focuses on how, in Europe, the debate on the commons is discussed in regard to historical and contemporary dimensions, critically referencing the work of Elinor Ostrom. It also explores from the perspective of new institutional political ecology (NIPE) how Europe directly and indirectly affected and affects the commons globally. Authors from a range of academic disciplines present research findings, addressing how global players affect the commons worldwide and how they relate to responses emerging from within the commons in a global-local (glocal) world.

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28-29 May, Annual Posthumus Conference 2019 'Institutions and Innovations' (Ghent, Belgium)

The 2019 edition of the Annual Posthumus Conference will be held at Thagaste in Ghent, Belgium. This year's theme of the conference is 'Institutions and Innovations'. The keynote lecture of the conference will be delivered by Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie of Cambridge University. Among the participants will be some of our team members: Tine De Moor will be senior participant in one of the presentations sessions, and she will be co-presenter with Eva Vriens of the presentation 'Mutuals on the move: Exclusion processes in the welfare state and the rediscovery of mutualism'.

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8 June, Lecture at KNGGW Leeuwdag (Vorden, Netherlands)

[due to scope, only in Dutch]

Op 8 juni 2019 houdt het Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Genealogie en Wapenkunde (KNGGW) haar jaarlijkse ledenvergadering en Leeuwdag voor haar leden. Dit jaar zal de bijeenkomst plaatsvinden in Kasteel Vorden, waar René van Weeren een lezing zal houden over de genealogische aspecten van de recent verschenen publicatie Ja, ik wil! Verliefd, verloofd, getrouwd in Amsterdam 1580-1810. De dag is uitsluitend toegankelijk voor leden van de KNGGW.

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28-29 June, 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy  (Utrecht, Netherlands)

 On June 28 and 29, Utrecht University will host the 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy. For about a decade, the burgeoning “sharing economy” has been capturing the attention of policy makers, scholars,  and the media alike. Initially viewed as a disruptive innovation promising to deliver a more sustainable, more efficient, and more socially connected society, sharing platforms such as Airbnb, BlaBlaCar and Uber have meanwhile grown from startups into successful multinational companies that attract controversy as much as excitement. At the same time, a multidisciplinary and lively research field on the sharing economy and collaborative economy has emerged, including economists, sociologists, management- and business scholars, innovation scholars, historians, geographers, and many others. The 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy (IWSE) in Utrecht aims to bring together academics and other stakeholders to discuss the latest insights on the sharing economy. Tine De Moor is member of the Scientific Committee of this Workshop. Call for contributions is open until 15 March 2019 and can be found here.

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1-5 July, XVII Biennial IASC-Conference (Lima, Peru)

From July 1 until July 5, 2019, The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and the Universidad de los Andes from Bogotá, Colombia, will jointly organize the XVII Biennial IASC-Conference, that will be held at the premises of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima, Peru. Chair of this conference will be prof. Juan Camilo Cardenas, dean at the Universidad de los Andes and keynote lecturer at the IASC2017 Conference.

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21-23 August, ICA - CCR European Research Conference Berlin 2019, 'Cooperatives and the Transformation of Business and Society' (Berlin, Germany)

From July 1 until July 5, 2019, COOP, the International Cooperatieve Alliance will hold its 2019 European Research Conference, enitled 'Cooperatives and the Transformation of Business and Society, hosted by the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. New technologies, global environmental hazards and increasingly integrated markets are transforming the pace and principles of social interaction. Modern cooperative businesses actively contribute to fundamental changes of political, business and cultural environments. In the process, cooperative principles and organisational concepts themselves become the subject of renovation and revitalisation. The ICA - CCR European Research Conference 2019 in Berlin will discuss the role of cooperative organisations in ongoing transformations. Conference participants will discuss how cooperatives manage changes as well as how cooperatives influence the speed by which members and communities are affected and discuss the role of cooperative networks and associations as potential knowledge brokers and co-designers of the process of transformation. Empirical as well as conceptual work will be presented and discussed. Tine De Moor is member of the Scientific Committee of this conference.

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18 October 2019, Symposium Celebrating Repair' (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

[due to scope only in Dutch]

Op 18 oktober 2019 viert de organisatie achter het Repair Café het 10-jarig bestaan van deze Repair Cafés. Repair Cafés zijn gratis toegankelijke bijeenkomsten in Nederland en Vlaanderen die draaien om (samen) repareren. Op de locatie waar het Repair Café wordt gehouden, is gereedschap en materiaal aanwezig om alle mogelijke reparaties uit te voeren. . Ook zijn deskundige vrijwilligers aanwezig, met reparatiekennis en – vaardigheden op allerlei terreinen. De viering van het 10-jarig bestaan wordt onder meer opgeluisterd met het Symposium 'Celebrating Repair' op 18 oktober 2019, waar Tine De Moor een lezing zal verzorgen.

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