Future activities


April 1, Documentary 'Ons Gemeengoed',  VPRO Tegenlicht, NPO2

April, 3, 4, 5, and 18, Meet-ups on Documentary, various locations


Tine De Moor will be the main guest in the episode ‘Ons gemeengoed’ of the documentary series VPRO Tegenlicht, on Dutch television, 1 April 2018, NPO2, starting at 21:05. In this episode, Prof. Tine De Moor is interviewed and will show some examples of on commons in order to demonstrate their functioning and could be the ground rules for making such collectivities succesful. She will also discuss the dilemmas these new ways of small-scale collective action encounter. The episodes of Tegenlicht will be followed up by Meet-ups across the Netherlands and Belgium:


3 April: Meet-up Ghent (Herberg Macharius, info will follow)

4 April: Meet-up Amsterdam (Pakhuis de Zwijger)

5 April: Meet-up Utrecht (Openbare Bibliotheek, Oudegracht)

18 April: Meet-up den Bosch (RUW, info will follow)


Read more about the episode on VPRO Tegenlicht website

[broadcast, meet-ups, and info are all in Dutch]


July 4-6, International Cooperative Alliance 2018 European Research Conference (ICA2018) (Wageningen, The Netherlands)

The International Cooperative Alliance 2018 European Research Conference (ICA2018) on the theme 'Cooperatives in a rapidly changing world: Innovation in enterprise and community' will be held July 4-July 6 in Wageningen, the Netherlands, and will be hosted by Wageningen University and Research. The conference will deal with all kinds of cooperatives, from different sectors and different countries, and in different stages of the life cycle. This will lead to challenging and surprising new ideas and relations. Keynote lecturers will be prof. dr. Arthur Mol (Rector Magnificus Wageningen University and Research), dr. Simel Esim (Head of Cooperatives Unit ILO), prof. dr. Murray Fulton (Chair University of Saskatchewan), and dr. Wiebe Draijer (CEO Rabobank). Tine De Moor, Principal Investigator of our research team will also be involved in this conference.
> Conference info and details


1-5 July, XVII Biennial IASC-Conference (Lima, Peru)

From July 1 until July 5, 2019, The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and the Universidad de los Andes from Bogotá, Colombia, will jointly organize the XVII Biennial IASC-Conference, that will be held at the premises of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima, Peru. Chair of this conference will be prof. Juan Camilo Cardenas, dean at the Universidad de los Andes and keynote lecturer at the IASC2017 Conference.

More info will follow in due time

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