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7 May 2021, PhD defense ‘Mutualism in the 21st century: The why, when, and how behind successful risk-sharing institutions', by Eva Vriens  

Friday the 7th of April, Eva Vriens will defend her dissertation on mutualism in the 21st century. During the last 15 years, the number of institutions for collective action has risen significantly in Europe, and especially in the Netherlands. Of particular interest is the revival of self-organized insurance in mutual insurance associations (mutuals), which require cooperation and trust under uncertainty. Members share risk and pay monthly contributions to support each other without knowing whether they ever need support, how many others need support, and whether these others repay the favor in the future. Why do some risk-sharing initiatives succeed, while others don't? To what extent does success depend on the individuals involved or the initiative's social and institutional properties? Eva answers these questions in her dissertation using a multidisciplinary approach. The results of agent-based simulations, abstract experiments, and surveys among members of a Dutch risk-sharing organization are integrated to derive multi-faceted evidence on success factors for collective action and uncover institutional opportunities for optimizing the success of mutuals.

Join Eva’s PhD defense online using this link coming Friday at 12:15-13:30.


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