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Symposium 'Cooperation in the field'


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Utrecht, 23 June 2016, 12:30-19:00

Kanunnikenzaal, University Hall (Academiegebouw), Domplein 29, Utrecht




Ruth Meinzen-Dick is senior research fellow at IFPRI, coordinator of the CGIAR program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi) as well as leader of IFPRI’s Gender Task Force, also co-leading work on strengthening women’s assets. Her research interests are water resource management, land, forests, property rights, collective action, and the impact of agricultural research on poverty.


In her lecture, 'Games for groundwater governance: field experiments in Andhra Pradesh, India', Ruth Meinzen-Dick will present results of field experiments in hard rock areas of Andhra Pradesh, India, to examine factors affecting groundwater use.  Results indicate that, when the links between crop choice and groundwater depletion is made explicit, farmers can act cooperatively to address this problem.  Longer NGO involvement in the villages was associated with more cooperative outcomes in the games.  Individuals with more education and higher perceived social capital played more cooperatively, but neither gender nor method of payment had a significantly effect on individual behavior. 





Marco A. Janssen is professor at the School of Sustainability of Arizona State University and director of the Center for Behavior, Institutions, and the Environment of ASU. His research focuses on the interaction of cognitive, institutional, and ecological processes to understand collective action problems.


In his lecture, ‘Fragility of cooperation in a globalizing world’, Janssen will focus on the results of experiments performed in rice producing communities in several countries. Results indicate that increasing integration of those communities with the broader economic system is associated with lower investments in public goods when facing collective risks and therefore suggest that food security may be negatively affected by globalization and climate change.


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Hans Groeneveld is Associate Director Cooperative & Control at Rabobank and distinguished professor at TIAS School for Business and Society. His fields of expertise are Business & Society (Corporate Governance), Context (Economics), Family Business (Strategic Planning), Finance (Banking, Financial Intermediation, Monetary Economics), Quantitative Methods (Economics), Strategy & Innovation (Corporate Strategy).


Wilbert van den Bosch is consultant on cooperatives for NCR, The Dutch Council for Cooperatives. Over the past years, he has been working as independent consultant for several cooperatives, with a focus on the issue of governance. Van den Bosch has also been president of several cooperatives.
Christian Iaione is Associate Professor of Public Law at the University of Guglielmo Marconi studios in Rome , fellow at the Urban Law Center of Fordham University and governance of the commons professor at the LUISS Guido Carli under LabGov - Laboratory program for governance of common goods . He was appointed expert of the Committee of the Regions of the EU for drawing up the point of view on the local dimension of the sharing economy .




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