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Corry Gellatly


Corry Gellatly

Corry Gellatly, Research Scientist / Database Manager, Newcastle University


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Corry Gellatly is a biologist with in-depth experience of database design, web-based data management tools and working with large-scale datasets. His PhD thesis focussed on the genetics and evolutionary biology of the human sex ratio, using a large collation of family trees to study inter-generational patterns, including heritability of sex ratio and effect of parental age on sex ratio. Human demographic and familial data is important for studies of biological and social evolution, and Corry will be contributing to the data collation and analysis efforts on ‘Institutions for Collective Action’ projects, whilst seeking insights into human social evolution.

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> Relation between Marriage Patterns and the emergence of institutions for collective action

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> "United We Stand". The Dynamics and Consequences of Institutions for Collective Action in Pre-Industrial Europe

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