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Elwyn Davies, MPhil (Oxon)


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After completing a BSc in Physics & Astronomy and a BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences, with specialization in Economics, Elwyn finished an MPhil in Economics at Oxford University, where his research focused on the role of incomplete information and transaction costs in international trade in services, and the role of reputations and networks. After this he worked as a trade economist (trainee) for the Trade directorate-general of the European Commission. In 2012, Elwyn has been working as a researcher in a joint research project of the Social and Economic History group of Utrecht University and the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health & Development on how insights from development economics as well as economic history could be combined to improve health care provision and health care insurance in developing countries, with focus on sub-Saharan Africa. 

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> Formation of institutions for collective action

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> How important are institutions for collective action for economic development?


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