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In 2012, Jonathan finished his BA in History at Utrecht University, after which he spend his gap year as a board member at his student union (Navigators Studentenvereniging Utrecht). Since 2014 he holds his MA in History, after following the Master’s programme Politics and Society in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University. During this MA programme Jonathan worked as a research intern at the BroodfondsMakers Coöperatie, as part of the internship project organized by the Institutions for Collective Action project. In this research, he focused on the background and motivations of the participants of the Broodfonds. The results of this research formed an important part of his thesis ‘Collectieve zelfhulp in financieel onzekere tijden’, in which he compared this modern-day form of mutual insurance to British friendly societies of the eighteenth- and nineteenth centuries. In August 2012, he started working as a junior teacher and research assistant at Utrecht University; he is now lecturing the BA Course 'An Introduction to the History of the Modern Period (1789-1918)'. His main field of interest includes – but is not confined to – collective action regarding mutual insurance. In 2015, he briefly joined the Institutions for Collective Action Research Team, after which he went to study at the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.


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Fink-Jensen, J., 2014. Collectieve zelfhulp in financieel onzekere tijden. Een historische vergelijking tussen achttiende- en negentiende eeuwse friendly societies en eigentijdse Broodfondsen. Unpublished MA-Thesis, Utrecht University. In Dutch.

Journal Article

Fink-Jensen, J. and De Moor, T., 2014. 'Ook minder 'avontuurlijke' zelfstandigen sluiten zich nu aan bij een Broodfonds'. Website SocialeVraagstukken, 15 August 2014. In Dutch.


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Description of BA Course 'An Introduction to the History of the Modern Period (1789-1918)' at Utrecht University [ description partly in Dutch]


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