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José-Miguel Lana Berasain


Prof. dr. José-Miguel Lana-Berasain, Profesor Titular of Economic History and Institutions in Public University of Navarre (UPNA)


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In 1997, José-Miguel Lana-Berasain succesfully defended his doctoral thesis on agricultural changes and property relationships in the southern part of Navarre during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Cambio agrario y relaciones de propiedad en el sur de Navarra, 1800-1936) at the University of Zaragoza. At that time, he was Lecturer (“profesor asociado”) at the Department of Economic Structure and History of the University of Zaragoza. After 1997, Lana-Berasain worked at the Public University of Navarre, first at the  Department of Geography and History (1997-2001), later on (2001-current) with the Department of Economics. From 2010 on, he has been appointed as Profesor Titular at UPNA.


He has been member of the Council of the Spanish Society of Agrarian History (SEHA) between 2002 and 2009. He has been president of the Geronimo de Uztariz Institute for Economic and Social History between 2001 and 2005.
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> Regulations of institutions for collective action

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> Common Rules

> The Benefits of the Commons. A historical approach to the collective property, use and management of natural resources and its effects on environment and society (HAR2009-09700), funded by the Spanish Ministery of Science and Innovation

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Publications in relation to project 

Journal Article Lana Berasain, J.M., 2017. Accounting for the commons: bookkeeping and the stewardship of natural resources in northern Spain (sixteenth to twentieth centuries). Accounting History Review (online), (subscription may be required).

Journal Article 

Lana Berasain, J.M. (forthcoming). Forgotten Commons. Struggle for recognition and property rights in a Spanish village (16th-20th centuries). Rural History.

Journal Article

Lana Berasain, J.M., 2011. Dealing with Deflation in Turbulent Times: Agricultural markets and rural anagement in southern Navarre (Spain), 1817-1833. Histoire & Mesure 26 (1), pp. 75-104. 

Book or book chapter

Iriarte-Goñi, I. and Lana Berasain, J.M., 2010. The social embeddedness of common property rights in Navarra (Spain), sixteenth to twentieth centuries. In: R. Congost and R. Santos (eds.), Contexts of Property in Europe: The Social Embeddedness of Property Rights in Land in Historical Perspective (Turnhout: Brepols) pp. 83-103.

Book or book chapter 

Gallego Martínez, D., Iriarte Goñi, I., and Lana Berasain, J.M., 2010. Las Españas rurales y el Estado (1800-1931). In: R.Robledo (ed.), Sombras del progreso. Las huellas de la Historia Agraria (Barcelona: Crítica) pp. 85-116.

Journal Article

Lana Berasain, J.M., 2008. From equilibrium to equity. The survival of the commons in the Ebro Basin: Navarra, from the 15th to the 20th centuries. International Journal of the Commons 2 (2), pp. 162-91. Available online at:

Book or book chapter

Congost, R.  and Lana, J.M. (eds.), 2007. Campos cerrados, debates abiertos. Propiedad de la tierra y análisis histórico en Europa, ss. XVI-XX (Pamplona: Universidad Pública de Navarra).

Book or book chapter 

Lana Berasain, J.M. and Iriarte Goñi, I., 2006. La cuestión comunal: entre prescripción y perpetuación. Algunos hitos en el caso navarro. In: S.De Dios, J.Infante, R.Robledo, and E.Torijano (eds.), Historia de la Propiedad en España: Costumbre y prescripción (Madrid: Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad) pp. 689-714.

Journal Article

De la Torre, J. and Lana Berasain, J.M., 2000. El asalto a los bienes comunales. Cambio económico y conflictos sociales en Navarra, 1808-1936. Historia Social (37), pp. 75-96.


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