Case Studies



 The Netherlands 

Hoogheemraadschap of the Bunschoter Veen- and Veldendijk (pilot-study; data in Dutch only)

1603 - 1942

 The Netherlands


Polder and waterboard De Slaag (pilot-study; data in Dutch only)

1638 - 1928

 The Netherlands

Polder and waterboard Neerzeldert (pilot-study; data in Dutch only)

1631 - 1928

 The Netherlands

Waterboard of the river Eem (pilot-study; data in Dutch only)

1616 - 1949

 The Netherlands


Waterboards in the Gelderse Vallei en Eemland (pilot-study; data in Dutch only)

1606 - 1949


Albalá de Tudela

bef. 1220 - 1850


Regadío de Arbanta

1598 -1967


Sindicato de Riegos del Río Queiles en Navarra 

1851 - present




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