Open Seminars

Since the start of the pandemic our research group Social Enterprise and Institutions for Collective Action has been inviting scholars and representatives of societal partners on a weekly basis to present their work in an online meeting, so that we keep updated about all the interesting developments in the fields of collective action, social enterprise, commons etc. These online seminars are open to attendees from outside. Interested in one or more of these talks? Or interested in making a presentation? Please send a message to to request a link or to discuss the possibilities.


Date Time CE(S)T  Guest speaker  Biography 
20 September  2PM Eoin McLaughlin Prof. dr. Eoin McLaughlin is a professor in Economics at University College Cork. McLaughlin's research interests are in economic, financial and social history. He will present a paper on Social enterprise and loan funds in 19th-century Ireland, building on his earlier research on microfinance, philanthropy and poverty legislation. 
11 October  10AM Pieter Rondelez Dr. Pieter Rondelez is a researcher of social movements and social change in the urban environment. He defended his PhD thesis 'A study of social change: the municipalist experiment in Spain' in 2022 at the University of Ghent, department of conflict and Development Studies.
18 October  10AM Agata Zborowska Dr. Dr Agata Zborowska is a researcher at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw, Poland. Her research interests lay in material culture, property relations, critical theory, and cultural history of the 20th century. She is currently working on the experience of ownership changes in socialist and post-socialist transitions in Poland.
15 November  2PM Kevin Wittenberg Kevin Wittenberg is a sociologist and PhD candidate at Utrecht University in the research program 'Sustainable Cooperation: Roadmaps to a Resilient Society' (SCOOP). His thesis is about citizen collectives in the care sector, focusing on the conditions of organizing care by citizens in a sustainable manner.
13 December  11:30 Giorgia Trasciani Dr. Giorgia Trasciani (LEST-AMU Université Aix-Marseille) holds a PhD in Economics and International Studies from the University of Aix-Marseille and University of Naples, L'Orientale. Her research focuses on third sector organisations dealing with reception for asylum seekers and refugees in urban areas, social movements and migration regime and multi-level governance of migration regime.
t.b.a.  t.b.a. Lara Spaans Lara Spaans is a PhD candidate at the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.). For her research she is interested in sustainable finance, financial investments, and employee ownership. She currently works on projects related to employee ownership in the Netherlands and sustainable finance.