Sources - Commons - England and Wales

Digitized sources on English and Welsh commons


On-line sources


  • Commons Commissioners' Decisions (Association of Commons Registration Authorities in England & Wales (ACRAEW); website containing over 12,000 scanned copies of judgements made regarding registration of commons, c.1970 - 2008, searchable database)
  • Contested Common Land Project (Lancaster University, History Department and Newcastle University Law School, and Informatics; geospatial presentation of selected data, sources and images, using Google Earth, regarding Eskdale (Cumbria), Elan & Claerwen Valleys (Powys), Ingleton area (North Yorkshire), and  Brancaster (Norfolk) from 1600 on; created by A.J.L. Winchester and C.P. Rodgers)
  • Ecological Aspects of Agricultural Sustainability, c.1576-1946  (Hull University, History Department, and Nottingham University, History Department, containing data on environment, rural history, and economic history of 326 locations in 38 counties; created by M. Turner, J. Beckett, and B. Afton; registration required)
  • New Forest Survey, 1979 (Countryside Commission and Social Research Consultancy; socio-economics of commoning in New Forest, containing results of over 450 cobntemporary enquiries; registration required)
  • The Common Lands of England: A Biological Survey (University of Wales, Rural Surveys Research Unit; containing research findings of biological study of registered commons throughout all English counties, 1988 - 2000, created by J. Aitchinson)


Other digitized sources (not on-line)


  • Common Land Registers (Registers of common land and rights in England and Wales from 1973 on, resulting from the Commons Registration Act of 1965, containing county registers and maps (some data digitized), to be consulted at local county council offices; for contact data click here)
  • GeoData Maps of Registered Common Lands (GeoData Institute, University of Southampton; contains contemporary digitized scans of c.5,000 maps of registered commons in England and Wales, for implementation of Open Access Land (CRoW Act 2000); for contact data, click here)



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