Results Internship Project 2013-2014


Broodfondsen (Bread Funds) (Jonathan Fink-Jensen i.c.w. Broodfondsmakers)  


In his Master thesis Jonathan Fink-Jensen, Master student in History at Utrecht University draws a comparison between the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century friendly societies and the present-day Broodfondsen (Bread Funds). A survey among the participants of these Broodfondsen formed part of his thesis; over 800 participants replied to this survey, giving us a better look at the bacground and motivation of those participants to join the Broodfondsen, which offer self-employed entrepreneurs (Zelfstandigen Zonder Personeel, ZZP-ers) an affordable alternative to the more expensive disability assurances offered by regular insurance companies.



Survey and interviews (PDF, in Dutch)     Jonathan Fink-Jensen - Collectieve zelfhulp in financieel onzekere tijden. Een historische vergelijking tussen achttiende- en negentiende eeuwse friendly societies en eigentijdse Broodfondsen [in Dutch]