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Charlotte Witte, Research Assistant


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Charlotte has completed a Research Master in Landscape History at the University of Groningen. During her internship with Landschapsbeheer Drenthe, she has performed research on the possibilities and complications of current landscape management and governance by local inhabitants, comparing the practice of both the former and present markegenootschappen in Drenthe as well as current landscape management collectivities with the theories on ICA’s of Elinor Ostrom. She is currently working on her master thesis about sand-drifts on the Veluwe area from 1500-1900, comparing the measures of commoners and of the government to halt the drift-sands and evaluating the impact that governmental policy had on the functioning of commons. During her stay with our research team, Charlotte will focus on an elaborate case study of the marke Het Gooi, an important markegenootschap in the central part of the Netherlands, which survived from medieval times until 1972.


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> Regulations of institutions for collective action


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>  On commons as institutions for collective action


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Witte, C., 2014. Collectief landschapsbeheer in Drenthe vroeger en nu: kansen en knelpunten van huidig collectief landschapsbeheer door bewoners. Internship Report,  University of Groningen.


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