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Miguel Laborda Pemán


Miguel Laborda Pemán, Ph.D. candidate Utrecht University


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Ph.D. Student


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Miguel holds a BA in Law (2009) and a BA in Business Management (2009) from the University of Zaragoza, Spain. In 2010 he graduated from the LSE (MSc. Political Economy of Late Development). In October 2011 he joined the ERC Project 'United We Stand' as PhD candidate. He studies the emergence and long-term dynamics of corporate collective action in pre-industrial Europe. His interests include global economic history, long-term economic growth and the political economy of development, particularly the debate on the deeper determinants of growth and the Great Divergence.


Involved in Research Themes

> Formation of institutions for collective action


Involved in projects

>  United We Stand. The Dynamics and Consequences of Institutions for Collective Action in Pre-Industrial Europe (ERC) 

> Common Rules

Involved in debates 

>  On institutions for collective action in general

>  On commons as institutions for collective action

>  On guilds as institutions for collective action



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Laborda Pemán, M. and De Moor, T., 2013. A tale of two commons. Some preliminary hypotheses on the long-term development of the commons in Western and Eastern Europe, 11th-19th centuries. The International Journal of the Commons 7(1), pp. 7-33.


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