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Lauren Antonides, Research Assistant Utrecht University


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Lauren has completed her Bachelor’s degree in History at Utrecht University. Her interests within the field of History lie with European politics and political culture. During her Minor in Public Administration and Organisational Science and internship with the Municipality of Utrecht, she also gained a special interest in issues at the intersection of history and public administration. During her stay with our research team, Lauren has worked on a project in collaboration with the ‘Landelijke Vereniging van Kleine Kernen’ examining the role of ‘dorpsraden’ or village councils against a background of increasing citizen collectives in Dutch society. This project not only resulted in a well-read report, but also in the development of a game to help village councils contemplate their policy for a sustainable future of their council. She is now involved in the implementation of the results of the prior project, next to the Research Master she currently follows at Leiden University.
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> Onderzoek Toekomstvisie Dorps- en Wijkraden (Landelijke Vereniging van Kleine Kernen)


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> Research report (pdf; in Dutch)

> Info on Website LVKK (in Dutch)

> Info on website Utrecht University (in Dutch) 


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