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Stefan Gaillard, Research Master Student Utrecht University


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Stefan Gaillard has a diverse formal background in chemistry, data science, history, philosophy and psychology. He works as a peer-review advisor at Perede, a blockchain peer-review distribution platform, and he is co-founder of the scientific journal Journal of Trial and Error. Stefan’s research interests centre around citizen science and innovation within science and medicine. In his project, he aims to work out the foundations of a platform for citizen collectives that will facilitate working together and information exchange. He takes a human-centred perspective and combines data science, game theory and ergonomics to design an effective, ethical and educational digital environment. Stefan’s main objective is enhancing personal autonomy all around the world and in all aspects of life. He believes citizen collectives and open science have a huge role to play in bringing knowledge closer to the public and empowering citizens. All his work and research contributes to his ideal of a voluntary society.

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