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 On Commons

The benefits of the commons. A historical approach to the collective property, use and management of natural resources and its effect on environment and society

various Spanish universities, co-ordinator José-Miguel Lana

> Contested Common Land: Environmental Governance, Law and Sustainable Land Management, c. 1600-2006

Lancaster University /  Newcastle University, co-ordinator Prof. dr. Christopher P. Rodgers

The struggle for the commons in the late medieval Campine Area

University of Antwerp, co-ordinator Prof. dr. Tim Soens

> The "Carte di Regola"-project

University of Bologna / University of Messina, co-ordinator Claudio Tagliapietra LL.M.

> The management of commons in north Italy, 12th to 18th centuries

University Bocconi / University of Bologna, co-ordinators Prof. Guido Alfani and Prof. Riccardo Rao 

> Managing the 'Mark': organisation and appropriation of common pool resources in an early modern 'Markgenossenschaft'

University of Duisburg-Essen, co-ordinator Jonas Hübner, MA

> Cooperation and institutions for collective action: an exploration into the potential of social network analysis to disclose differences among CPR/village commons in the Alps-Adriatic region

Utrecht University / Södertörn University, co-ordinator dr. Romina Rodela

 On Guilds

Craft guilds under pressure: Inclusive and exclusive strategies of shoemakers, meat cutters, brewers, cloth finishers and merchants in 16th century Antwerp, Mechelen and Leuven

University of Antwerp / Urban History Centre (Antwerp), co-ordinator Prof. dr. Bert De Munck

> Crafts and Guilds: Iraq, Italy and the Low Countries 600-1700

Utrecht University, co-ordinator: Dr. Jessica Dijkman

> Town-ports and sea-ports in the joint of the Atlantic coast in the Middle Ages

various universities, co-ordinator: Prof. dr. Jesús Angel Solórzano Telechea

> Places and their Culture: the Evolution of Dutch Cultural Industries from an International Perspective, 1600-2000

University of Amsterdam / Utrecht University, co-ordinator Prof. dr. R.C. Kloosterman

> City and society in the Low Countries, 1200-1800: space, knowledge, social capital

various institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands, co-ordinator Prof. dr. Marc Boone.

> Explaining public service provision by religious and charitable organisations in the late-medieval Low Countries

Utrecht University, co-ordinator Auke Rijpma MA 

Factions and popular revolt in Utrecht, 14th - 15th centuries

Leiden University, co-ordinator Prof. dr. P.C.M. Hoppenbrouwers

> Age of Trust and Cooperation? The Social Fabric of Urban Communities in England, Italy and the Low Countries, c. 1350-1550

Utrecht University, co-ordinator Dr. Arie van Steensel

 On Cooperatives

The dynamics of collective action and women’s agency: A study of coffee farmers’ cooperative in Western Uganda’s highlands

Mountains of the Moon University, Fort Portal (Uganda) / Utrecht University , co-ordinator: Felix Meier zu Selhausen MSc

> Civil society facing crisis: voluntary associations and social movements in Portugal (1890-1933)

New University of Lisbon, Institute for Contemporary History, co-ordinator: dr. Joana Dias Pereira

 On Waterboards

In search of the poldermodel. Participation and representation in Dutch water boards in the pre-democratic era

Huygens ING / Utrecht University / VU University Amsterdam, co-ordinator: Dr. M. van Tielhof

> Study on watersyndicates existing in Bulgaria before 1945

Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (Halle, Germany), co-ordinator:  Dr. Insa Theesfeld

 On Marriage Patterns and Household Economy

> The Household Economy in Early Modern Holland

Utrecht University, co-ordinator: Dr. Jaco Zuijderduijn

Agency, Gender, and Economic Development in the World Economy 1850-2000

Utrecht University / International Institute of Social History / Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences, co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Jan Luiten van Zanden

MOSAIC: Recovering Surviving Census Records to Reconstruct Population, Economic, and Cultural History

various European universities and institutes, co-ordinator: Dr. Siegfried Gruber (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Laboratory of Historical Demography)



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