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Description of database 


The database of the Commons has been made using Microsoft Access® 2007. The database consists of several datasets. The central dataset is the dataset called ‘Commons’. It contains the main unique data concerning the commons found and entered. Items that relate to the specified common, but are in a many-to-one relationship to the specified common, have been entered into separate datasets, linked to the ‘Main Table’. For instance, concerning a specified common, several literary sources have been found; thus, the literary sources are in a many-to-one relationship to the common and have been entered into a separate dataset. The datasets related to the commons entered into the ‘Main Table’ are named after the main item of content: ‘Numbers of members’, ‘Archives’, ‘Literature’ and ‘Detailed regulations’. 

Main Table

This main dataset contains among other data the extensive information on and about the commons, based on the work of Beekman (1920-5, Vol. 6) and for the province Gelderland on the work of Sloet (1911). Descriptions of commons that do not appear in these works, but have shown up in archival sources, generally only provide basic information such as country, province, location of common, name of common, and a classification for the type of common.

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Number of members

This database contains quantitative data on the number of members in each common.

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This dataset contains the literature that has served as a basis for the ‘Main Table’ dataset. It is not an extensive bibliography – the commons bibliography can be found here. This dataset also contains a few references to source books for regulation documents. The field ‘Year Sources’ gives the years for which regulation documents are available in this publication.

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This dataset contains references to the years for which the specific archival sources are available concerning commons in a specific archival fund. An account of the search method can be found here. If types of archival sources are available for a longer period of time, the period has been indicated by the first and last years for which this type of source is available. This does not, however, mean that documents are available for all the consecutive years; gaps of around 25 years are possible/not uncommon.

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Detailed regulations

This dataset is still under construction. 



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