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Description of the dataset 


The questionnaire sought to secure information about the amount, coverage, financial situation and moral value of the mutual help funds (a.k.a. mutual aid boxes) existing in the Netherlands in 1812. Guild boxes and journeymen’s boxes were especially targeted by this questionnaire, because the abolition of the guilds after 1798 jeopardized their existence. Not all city councils in the Republic returned the (full) questionnaire; therefore only 41 places comprising a total of 222 funds are included in the database.


Main Table 

All central and unique information of ‘Caisses de secours et de prévoyance’ can be found in this dataset, such as the location, the name, the nature of the fund, etc. The annual and weekly member contributions have been split up in two columns. One column represents how they were registered in the questionnaire and another column shows them converted into guilders. The products or benefits provided by these boxes have their own table (‘Products’) but these are also converted into guilders, so the column ‘Benefits – original amounts’ displays their original amounts. The remarks column provides specifications to the member contributions and elaborates on particularities of the box.

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Table 'Members'

This table relates to the Caisses ‘Main Table’ and provides information on the type of members of the different boxes.

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Table 'Products'

The ‘Products’ table related to the Caisses ‘Main table’ and contains information on the products the box supplied to its members.

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