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The questionnaire ‘Caisses de secours et de prévoyance’ was carried out by the prefects of the different Dutch districts after an inquiry by the French minister of Internal Affairs, De Montalivet, on October 31, 1812. The prefect’s answers to this questionnaire are spread across different municipal and state archives throughout the Netherlands. For a complete overview of these archive locations see Slokker, ‘Ziekengeldkassen in Nederland, 1812-1930. Een onderzoek naar de omvang, betekenis, en funkties van Nederlandse ziekengeldkassen in Nederland’ (1992).

As mentioned in the introduction, the dataset 'Caisses' was originally composed by Nico Slokker and Sandra Bos. To enhance transparency, the original dataset has been modified in a few ways. First, the dataset ‘Caisses’ has been restructured and subdivided into the three different tables discussed above. In the previous edition, several columns were encoded, but these have been replaced with text. This increased transparency, but also led to a minor loss of information, because not all details of the original codes were found.

Second, member contribution fees have been systematically converted into guilders. In the original dataset, Bos already subdivided an original and a ‘converted amount’ column, but now all values in the converted columns have been changed into the same currency (guilders). The user should keep in mind that for the products and member contributions, a different conversion factor has been used. For further information see the description in the Main Table.

Thirdly, for good reason some records have been altered, by adding or removing information on the basis of the original source. For example, to some extent the ‘Administration’ column was supplemented with information on the method of administration. This process has not been completed yet and future scholars could look into this for further investigation. Overall, our changes decreased the original amount of 42 cities and 223 boxes in the dataset down to 41 cities and 222 boxes.

Lastly, we added the extra column on ‘Archive reference’ to indicate where the original sources can be found. This information is, however, quite outdated, because between 1998 and 2010 many archives have been renamed and restructured. For this reason we have made a small overview of the archives, with the current URL’s in place. Only the provinces in which archives have been visited are mentioned.







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