Datasets - Guilds - Dataset on Journeymen's Boxes in the Low Countries

Fields used in Main Table


ID Boxes

Unique identification number for the Boxes_Main Table dataset.


The standardized location.

Name of the box

The name of the box (sometimes abbreviated).

Relation to guild

Is there a relation to a craft guild? (Yes/No)

Name guild

If so: the name of the guild.


Is box membership compulsory to guild members? (Yes/No).


Founding year or year of first reference.


Termination year or year of last reference.

Occupational code

Occupational code provided according to the Standaard-Bedrijfs-Indeling (SBI) of the CBS in 1974 (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Standaardbedrijfsindeling (1974, 47) (to be found at the IISH: [EHB Br Ned/XX:217]), as found in the Access tabel beroepen (01.1 - landbouw tot 98.9 – groefridders).


Contains the different sources on which the record is based. In a few cases, we were unable to retrieve the source of information of the record.


Information that does not fit in with any other description. This field was split up in the table 'Remarks'i It contains i.a. observations on predecessors and successors of the box, the number and nature of the members, box properties, contributions and benefit information and other more specific information about the box.


Information on whether the box can be found in the table Caisses or not. (Y/N, but also ‘NN’ when the record is not in Caisses, and the City is not in Caisses either). This column will be removed after the datasets 'Caisses' and 'Boxes' are linked.




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