Datasets Waterboards - Basic database on Waterboards in the Low Countries

Fields used in Table 'Archives'



ID within ‘Archive’ dataset.
ID_WB Id within ‘Waterboards’ dataset.
Location This is the village or town that best indicates where the waterboard is located. This village or town can be within or near the waterboard. To determine the locations, we used Grote Historische Atlas van Nederland 1839-1859 (1990) (1: 50.000).
Full_name Name of the waterboard.
Archive from Date of the oldest documents available.
Archive to Date of the most recent documents available.
Name of archive

Name of the archive where the archive of the waterboard is kept. For the selection of waterboards in Delfland, Vallei & Eem and Zeeuwse eilanden, the name of the archive is written in full (e.g. Zeeuws Archief or Gemeentearchief Schouwen-Duiveland).


In the other cases, the codes are shown used in the original Giebels-Streefkerk database. These codes consists of a two character abbreviation followed by a six character geographical indication. The abbreviations read:

  • Ga - gemeentearchief
  • Gs -  gemeentesecretarie
  • Wa - waterschapsarchief
  • Ws - waterschapssecretarie
  • Ra - rijksarchief
  • Sa - streekarchief
Inventory In this field is listed: the website where the inventory is available online; ‘printed’ indicating that a printed and published inventory exists; ‘unpublished inventory’ indicating a printed or handwritten but not published inventory; ‘other’ indicating some less elaborate document on the global content of the archive. ‘None’ means there is nothing at all available; an empty field indicates there is no information on the inventory.
Name author inventory Name of the author of the inventory.
Year publication inventory Year the inventory was published.
Title publication inventory Short title of the inventory.
Series of accounts starts

The first year of a series of year accounts available in the archives.

Sometimes incidental accounts resulting from an extraordinary investment precede a continuous series of yearly accounts.

Series of resolutions starts The first year of a series of resolutions or minutes available in the archives.




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