Results - Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, and Presentations

Conferences and seminars




March 21, Symposium 'De institutionele verbouwing van Nederland', Utrecht University, Knowledge centre Institutions of the Open Society, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Lecture by Tine De Moor : 'Wat geeft de burger moed? Historische lessen over samenwerking en vertrouwen in de burger'.

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March 9, Conference 'De Commons: hoe beheren wat van iedereen is?', Brussels

International conference, organized by Oikos. Introductory presentation by Tine De Moor.

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January 27, Seminar 'The Different Politics of the Commons', Utrecht (The Netherlands)

This seminar explores some of the relationships of the common to private property, on the hand, and public property, on the other.  The common will thus be considered as opposed to and outside of property relations generally.  Finally, the forms of organization and institution required to maintain the common will be addressed. Discussants: Michael Brant (Duke University, North Carolina) and Tine De Moor (Utrecht University). Chair: Rosi Braidotti, founding director of the Centre for the Humanities of Utrecht University.

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January 18, Workshop 'Asset Management of Households in Europe, 1300 - 1800', Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Workshop, organized by Jaco Zuiderduijn, Tine De Moor, and René van Weeren. Combined with this workshop, there was also a poster presentation by students of Research Seminar 'Keeping it in the Family?' of Utrecht University

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May 16, Symposium Studium Generale, 'Our common future - the future of our commons', Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Symposium, organized by Knowledge Center Institutions of the Open Society in collaboration with Studium Generale on the theme of commons. Tine De Moor delivered the introductory and closing speech and participated in the closing debate.

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October 6 - 10, Conference 'Marriage Patterns, Household Formation and Economic Development', Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Organization by Tine De Moor, Jan Luiten van Zanden and Sarah Carmichael. A selection of the papers presented at this conference will be published in the next issue of History of the Family.

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Presentations and lectures




December 12, Workshop 'Household Decision Making in History', All Souls College, Oxford (UK)

Presentation by Tine De Moor and Jaco Zuijderduijn: 'Squeezing the budget'.



December 1-2, Posthumus Sixth Low Countries Conference, Antwerp (Belgium)

(1) Presentation on the theme 'Rich and poor in the pre-industrial world' by Annemarie Bouman, Tine De Moor, and Jaco Zuijderduijn: 'From hardship to benefit; a critical review of the nuclear hardship theory and the emergence of the European Marriage Pattern'.

(2) Presentation by Tine De Moor and Jaco Zuijderduijn: 'The art of counting; reconstructing numeracy of the well-to-do on the basis of portraits in Early modern Holland'.

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October 7, Seminar PharmAccess: 'When markets fail: strategies for health, development and investment', Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Presentation by Tine de Moor: 'Institutions for collective action and risks in developing societies: lessons from the European past'.

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September 13-18, 2nd European IASC-meeting, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Key-note lecture by Tine De Moor: 'In tempore non suspecto; understanding the historical roots of Europe's commons dilemmas'.

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April 8, Conference 'Structure, Change and Discourse in Pre-Industrial Europe: towards a Cross-Disciplinary Study of Social Inequalities', Ghent/Antwerp (Belgium)

Key-note lecture by Tine De Moor: 'Industrious and/or religious. Motivating the choice for living as a beguine in (Low countries, early modern period)'.

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January 11-14, 13th IASC International Conference: 'Sustaining Our Commons, Sustaining Our Future', Hyderabad (India)

Presentation papers by Tine De Moor:

(1) 'Participating is more important than winning; the impact of socio-economic change on commoners' participation in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Flanders.'

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(2) 'From common pastures to global commons; a historical perspective on interdisciplinary approaches to commons.'

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April 13-16, 8th European Social Science History Conference, Ghent (Belgium)

Presentation paper by Tine De Moor and Jaco Zuijderduin at session 'Using Tax Surveys for Microhistory in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods: A European Perspective mentioned': 'Households in the tax registers of Edam en De Zeevang (15th-16th centuries)'.

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February - June 2012, Honours Class 'Community and Co-operation',  Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Honours Class, for selected Master- and PhD-students, organized by the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship and the Knowledge Centre Institutions of the Open Society (IOS). Biweekly seminars by national and international experts from academia, society and the business world, and a group project. Coordinated by Codrin Kruijne (Utrecht School of Economics) and supervised by Tine de Moor (Department for Social and Economic History) and Erik Stam (Utrecht School of Economics / Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship).

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