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Through our newsletter, we will inform you on the latest developments regarding the website, the related projects, and the research teams. The newsletter will usually be sent twice a year. You can sign up by filling out our contact form.


The archived Newsletters are to be found through the links underneath. Please note that the files containing the Newsletters require using Internet Explorer to be displayed properly. Using other browsers may result in the displaying only HTML-codes. For Newsletters 1 to 4, you can also view the Word-version. If problems persist, please contact webmaster.


Recent newsletters

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Newsletter 11 - Calls for Papers (Commons) (February 2014)

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Older newsletters

Newsletter 8 (December 2012)

Newsletter 7 (November 2012)

Newsletter 6 (October 2012)

Newsletter 5 (June 2012)

Newsletter 4 (March 2012)

Newsletter 3 (February 2012)

Newsletter 2 (December 2011)

Newsletter 1 (October 2011)