PhD-position on ‘Institutions for Collective Action’ with focus on mutual insurances


We are looking for a new team member to fill a PhD-position on ‘Institutions for Collective Action’, with a special focus on the long-term development of mutual insurances. You will contribute to the UNICA-project, which aims to build a unified theory that explains the factors behind the development and spread of institutions for collective action (ICAs) across Europe over the past millennium. In this PhD position, you will conduct a MICRO-analysis of internal functioning of mutual insurances. With this study we aim at delivering a specific outcome that will add to an integrated theory on ICAs: we will build scenarios that help us 1) to identify the impact of group and resource size and heterogeneity in terms of utility and equity, and 2) how institutional design is adapted to moderate these effects over time. You will be focusing on mutual insurances as the main type of ICA but will also work with other team members working on other types of ICAs (various types of cooperatives, commons, …) both in past and present.


If you want to know more, go to as well as the Institutions of Collective Actions website to learn more about our team at RSM (led by Prof. dr. Tine De Moor). For more information on the UNICA-project, please go to:  


Interested in the position? Do note that the application deadline is January 15th, 2021. PhD-students will start in September 2021. Apply now through: