Subtypes Beguinages - Court Beguinages

In particular in areas where the movement was popular (such as Flanders), large court beguinages were formed. A court beguinage (Latin: curtis, curia beguinarum, Dutch: (begijn)hof, French: court (de beguines), German: Beginenhof) consisted of several houses for beguines built around a central chapel or church where their religious activities took place, and often included also functional buildings such as a brewery, a bakery, a hospital, and farm buildings. The dwellings themselves could vary from small houses inhabited by one or two beguines beguines lived, sometimes accompanied by a servant (usually also a beguine), to larger convents that had their own mistress. The whole complex – dwellings, ceremonial buildings and other functional buildings together – had one single prioress, who sometimes had their own administrative building (Simons 2001, 51).


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Beguinage at Aalst



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