Subtypes Waterboards - Waterkeringen Calamiteuze Waterschappen

A waterkering van een calamiteuze waterschap is a waterboard exclusively administering the shoreline defense of a polder that had been declared distressed (calamiteus). From the last decade of the eighteenth century it was possible for polders to declare themselves distressed (calamiteus) which meant that they were unable to maintain their works and in urgent need of help. Distressed polders were supported but also supervised by the provincial estates and they were entitled to financial help from surrounding polders. An Act of 1872 created the possibility to separate the administration of the shoreline defense of a calamiteus polder from the polder itself and so create an extra waterboard. The polder itself continued to exist and took care of the inland works. The institution administering the shoreline defenses was called ‘waterkering van een calamiteus waterschap’. They are a highly specialized kind of waterboard and are mostly found in the province Zeeland. Due to the supervision of the authorities their corporate character is less than that of other waterboards.



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