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Dutch Research Council NWO awards Tine De Moor VICI Grant 

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded Tine De Moor of our research team an additional VICI grant for the research proposal 'UNICA. Building a UNified theory for the development and resilience of Institutions for Collective Action for Europe in the past millennium'. After a rebuttal procedure, the NWO board has awarded the grant to this research project, to be carried out by Tine De Moor and her research team Institutions for Collective Action. This project will study the development of citizens' collectivities over the past millennium in order to discover common organizational models and factors that promote sustainability and resilience of such institutions.


For more info: t.demoor@uu.nl


> News item on NWO website [in Dutch]

> more info on project will follow in due time 

Job Opportunities


There are three, new exciting PhD-opportunities to join our Institutions for Collective Action-team!


1. One PhD-position on Resilient Social Enterprises

2. One PhD-position on Institutions for Collective Action (UNICA-project, focus on fishing collectivities)

3. One PhD-position on Institutions for Collective Action (UNICA-project, focus on mutual insurances)

4. One Postdoctoral researcher on Institutions for Collective Action (UNICA-project) 

5. One Research Officer 


For more information on our team at the Rotterdam School of Management, please go to: http://www.collective-action.info/_TEA_Main.


New publications


van Weeren, R. and De Moor, T., 2020. Waarom vrouwen voor het begijnhof kozen. GeschiedenisMagazine 55(6), 37-41.

> GeschiedenisMagazine

> open access version will follow 2 October 2020

Forsman, A., De Moor, T., van Weeren, R., Bravo  G., Ghorbani, A., Ale Ebrahim Dehkordi, M., and Farjam, M., 2020. Eco-evolutionary perspectives on emergence, dispersion and dissolution of historical Dutch commons.PLoSONE 15(7):e0236471.

> Article (online)

De Moor, T. 2020. Meer ruimte voor de 'commons'? Sociale Vraagstukken, www.socialevraagstukken.nl [23/05/2020; in Dutch].

> Article (online)

De Moor, T., Duffhues, T., and Vriens, E. 2020. Burgercollectieven staan klaar om de post-coronasamenleving vorm te geven. De Groene Amsterdammer, www.groene.nl [04/05/2020; in Dutch].

> Article (online)


De Moor, T. 2020. De prosociale burger als copiloot. www.publiekdenken.nl [31/03/2020; in Dutch].

> Article (online)

> Article (pdf)

Vriens, E. and De Moor, T. 2020. Mutuals on the Move: Exclusion Processes in the Welfare State and the Rediscovery of Mutualism. Social Inclusion, 8(1),  225-237. doi: https://doi.org/10.17645/si.v8i1.212.

> Article (online)

> Article (pdf)

> Supplement to pdf

Farjam, M., De Moor, T., Van Weeren, R., Forsman, A., Ale Ebrahim Dehkordi, M., Ghorbani, A., and Bravo, G. 2020. Shared Patterns in Long-Term Dynamics of Commons as Institutions for Collective Action. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1),  78–90. doi: http://doi.org/10.5334/ijc.959.

> Article (online)

> Article (pdf)


Labanca, N., Guimarães Pereira, A., Watson, M., Krieger, K., Padovan, D., Watts, L., Moezzi, M., Wallenborn, G., Wright, R., Laes, E., Fath, B.D., Ruzzenenti, F., De Moor, T., Bauwens, T., and Mehtam, L., 2020. Transforming innovation for decarbonisation? Insights from combining complex systems and social practice perspectives. Energy Research & Social Science 65, art. 101452. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.erss.2020.101452

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