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Town-ports and sea-ports in the joint of the Atlantic coast in the Middle Ages


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Main topic

Commons, Guilds 


This transnational research project is about the analysis of the role developed by the townports and seaports in relation to the configuration and joint of the Atlantic Coast between 1200 and 1500.

General aim:
To research the role played by the townports and seaports of Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands in the joint of the Atlantic Coast and the urban relationships, from regional to the international scale between 1200 and 1500, which results we hope that they could be applied to the knowledge of the urban networks and the Atlantic system.

Concrete aims:  

  • to analyze the degree of dependence of the neighbors in relation to the activities tied to the sea and generated by the port: guilds, sailors, merchants and mariners, foreign presence...;
  • to analyze the geography of the Atlantic coast, the facilities and port infrastructures, the urban network, the connectivity and maritime traffic, the functions of the townports and the jurisdictional control of the coastal and maritime space between 1200 and 1500;
  • to analyze the common culture shared by the urban ports in relation to the following topics: the technical, juridical and linguistic culture, the maritime identity and the cultural communication. 


  • Research in european archives
  • Databases
  • International conferences


  • University of Cantabria: Jesús Angel Solórzano Telechea, Beatriz Arizaga Bolumburu, Javier Añíbarro Rodrí­guez
  • University of Leiden: Louis Sicking
  • University of La Rochelle: Michel Bochaca
  • University of New Lisbon: Amelia Aguiar Andrade

Funding body

Spanish Government (Ministerio de Educaciòn y Ciencia)


Jesús Angel Solórzano Telechea
University of Cantabria (Spain)
Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Contact details

Prof. dr. Jesús Angel Solórzano Telechea
University of Cantabria
Edificio Interfacultativo
Av. de los Castros, s/n.
39005,  Santander, Spain
Phone +34 942202015   
Fax +34 942201203

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