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Joana Dias Pereira


Joana Dias Pereira, Postdoc researcher, New University of Lisbon, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Institute for Contemporary History


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Joana Dias Pereira has studied those types of voluntary associations that flourished in working-class communities at the dawn of the twentieth century - unions, mutual-aid societies,  and cooperative societies. In her PhD thesis, she focused their social embeddedness: in a survey on Lisbon outskirts’ parish records, she observed the evolution of informal social networks in a period of increasing urban and industrial progress between 1890 and 1930.  Afterwards, resorting to associations’ historical files, she compared this evolution with the progression of voluntary associations’ social basis, concluding that in the origins of the associative movement were strong and ancestral community, craft, and migration bonds. During this research, she also analyzed the repertoire of collective action, and primarily its organized forms, noting the transformation of voluntary associations’ objectives and organizational structures in parallel with economic and social modernization.


Currently, in her post-doctoral research, she evaluates the institutional reconfiguration of ancestral practices of mutuality, in the form of friendly and cooperative societies, in the contemporary period, . Next to discover their objectives, organizational structure (including national and transnational links), and impacts, she also wants to analyze the economic, social, and political role of thse institutions during the first global crisis (1890-1930).


Taking into account that this kind of institutions for collective action experienced an exceptional progress during this period, she finally aims to highlight the external conditions and internal attributes responsible for enhancing efficiency of collective management in modern societies, particularly in times of crisis. To achieve this goal she is exploring a transdisciplinary multi-method approach, including qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) and process tracing. The preliminary results of this research program point to an important role of social capital pre-existence and preservation for associations’ resiliency.

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Dias Pereira, J., in press. Instituições para a acção colectiva numa perspectiva histórica: mutualismo nos subúrbios industriais lisboetas (1890-1930) [Institutions for collective action in a historical perspective: mutual-aid in the Lisbon industrial suburbs]. Accepted for publication in Cadernos de História, Revista do Departamento de História da PUC Minas (Brasil).

 Book or Part of book

Dias Pereira, J., in press. Emergência, dinâmicas e impactos do associativismo voluntário em cem anos de liberalismo (1834-1934) [Emergency, dynamics and impacts of voluntary associations in one hundred years of liberalism]. Accepted for publication in Fernada Rollo (ed.), Homenagem ao professor Fernando Rosas (Lisbon: Tinta-da-China).

 Book or Part of book

Freire. D., and Dias Pereira, J., in press. Consumer co-operatives in Portugal: debates and experiences from the 19th to the 20th century. Accepted for publication in M. Hilson, S. Neunsinger, and G. Patmore (eds), A global history of consumer co-operation since 1850: movements and businesses (Leiden/Boston: Brill Publishers).

 Book or Part of Book

Dias Pereira, J., 2014. Cooperação em tempos de escassez: o cooperativismo nos campos durante a primeira grande guerra [Cooperation in times of scarcity: the cooperatives in the fields during the First World War]. In: Asociacion Española de Economía Agraria (ed.), X Coloquio Ibérico de Estudos Rurales - Territorios rurales, Agriculturas locales y Cadenas alimentaris (Palencia, 16-17 Octobre 2014)  (Conference Proceedings) (s.l.: Asociacion Española de Economía Agraria, under Creative Commons License), pp. 3-6


Dias Pereira, J., 2013. O associativismo operário na I República portuguesa [Workers' associations in the First Portuguese Republic]. Congresso Nacional de História e Ciéncia Política - Outras Vozes na República 1910-1926: atas. Cadernos MPR, 3: 392-403.

 Book or Part of book

Monteiro, B. and Dias Pereira, J. (eds), 2013. De pé sobre a terra. Estudos sobre a indústria, o trabalho e o movimento operário em Portugal [Standing on the earth. Studies on industry, labour and labour movement in Portugal] (Lisbon and Porto: IHC and UPP (Creative Commons License)).



Dias Pereira, J., 2012. Espaços industriais e comunidades operárias: o caso de estudo português e a tradição historiográfica Europeia [Industrial areas and working-class communities: the Portuguese case study and the European historiographical tradition].  Revista Brasileira de História 32: 27-44. 

> English version  > Portuguese version

 Book or Part of book

Dias Pereira, J, 2011. Movimentos Sociais do 1º Quartel do século XX (Social Movements of the 1st Quarter of the twentieth century). In: F. Rollo (ed.), Congresso Internacional I República e Republicanismo: atas (Conference Proceedings; Parlamento Series 45) (Lisboa: Assembleia da República).


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