Call for Research Interns (MA-level, humanities & social science; 4 months, fall 2021)


Are you a (research) master student with a keen interest in organizations that are set up and managed by groups of citizens, such as cooperatives? Are you interested in learning about the conditions to make such organizations durable and resilient, in the face of both internal problems and external challenges, such as crises, pandemics, climate change? Then seize this opportunity to spend a semester with our research team on Social Enterprises & Institutions for Collective Action at the Rotterdam School of Management (Department Business-Society Management)! The selected student(s) will become part of the research team in Rotterdam and will be able to collaborate with our scholars, who are working on platform cooperatives, consumer cooperatives, community-supported agricultural organizations, mutuals, community-based social enterprises and other types of institutions for collective action. We study both the origins and development over long periods of time, and with a focus on many different aspects of this development: the evolution of rules made by such self-organizing institutions, their internal organizational challenges, their financing, and their societal impact; our research goes back as far as the late medieval period until today. For this purpose, we use a wide array of methods and a multi-disciplinary approach. More information can be found via our website.


During several activities aimed at continuing our dialogue with societal organizations, you will learn how academic knowledge can be translated to present-day settings. Selected student(s) can take part in the “Conference Methods and data for longitudinal analysis of Institutions for Collective Action” (8 - 10 December 2021, in the Netherlands, location TBD) at no cost (with accommodation and travel costs related to attending this conference also covered). The research internship can be used to work on a thesis, on a topic that is related to topics addressed by the research team, as part of the Master diploma (in agreement and coordination with the supervisor at your university). It can also be considered as a good preparation to apply for a PhD-position on the above topics, which vacancy will be opened in the fall of 2021 (deadline for applicants in January 2022).


Particularly students with a training in history, sociology, geography, management history, economics and law are encouraged to participate. Please note that at this call is for Pre-PhD-level students. There will be other opportunities for scholars in a more advanced (PhD, postdoc) stage later on. Selected student(s) will not be paying any fees to take part in the programme. If needed, they can receive a contribution to their housing costs for a period of max. 4 months. Each application should contain a CV (including the names of two referees), and a written presentation of the arguments why you would be a good candidate. Applications should be sent in before the 15th of August 2021 to Further enquiries can also be sent to this address, preferably before the 10th of July.