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Guild regulations from the stele inscriptions as well as legal transactions offer perspectives for interior cooperation and competitive strategies in the allocation of raw materials and labour, production processes, and sales. Stele inscriptions especially lend themselves to the study of relationships with the local and central government authorities, as well as more general ideals of work ethics, price policies and quality control.

Legal documents specify individual cases, and offer insights for the investigation of issues such as apprenticeship and labour conflicts.

Huiguan gazetteers as well as social surveys offer important insights about the internal organization of guilds and huiguan, while local gazetteers give information about their spatial distribution, not only in the cities and towns, but also in the countryside. They are thus the main materials for investigation of migrational flows. This does not only concern migration within China. Materials on Chinese huiguan overseas, especially in Southeast Asia, are vital for research of diaspora, adaptation and identity.



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